Firstly and most importantly…

I learn to be away from you – my parents – and this may take me some time!

I learn to work with and alongside teachers and other children

I learn to work with, and be part of a group

I learn to work alone

I learn to share and co-operate

I learn simple rules and routines

I learn the process of how to complete a task or activity

I learn to question or answer

I learn to be independent, but not to be afraid to ask for help

I learn to select and choose

I learn to share my family and experience with others

I need to learn all of these skills to grow into a happy, confident and healthy person!

I need to learn about “the world around me” by:

Finding out what things are called and how they work

Where they come from

What they are made of and who makes them

How they feel, taste, smell, look and sound

Will they hurt me?

How do they grow and develop


I may get dirty, wet or even hurt while I am finding out about things – but if I make a discovery – then it’s been worth it!

I may have difficulty explaining or understanding my feelings at a young age.

I can act them out in play

I can express them in my art

I can find successful activities to let off steam

To get the most out of my time at Kamo Childcare I need encouraging teachers to help me “do it my way” and my way is through play.