Programme Tots

Our Programme very much reflects the core aspect of our philosophy of practice in that we believe " nurturing a childs self esteem and confidence using teaching techniques tailored to the needs of the individual child, we... unlock a passion for life long learning."

The children have free choice in their activities, with minimal teacher intervention. Due to our high teacher/child ratio we have plentiful opportunities to observe and interact with each child, which enables us to have a clear understanding of their individual dispositions and strengths.

Each family is welcomed upon arrival at the centre, with special emphasis on welcoming the child. Children then have an opportunity for 'free play' before being brought together for morning tea. Before each meal the children are seated at tables alongside the teachers and we sing waiata as a way to transition between busy play time and more relaxed meal times. After morning tea it is time for more free play, with additional art-based activities being on offer at this time. The children then have a brief mat-time before lunch.

The majority of children sleep after lunch. We have a specially designated sleep room which is kept quiet and at optimum temperature to ensure quality rest. On waking, the children are gently nurtured by staff before re-joining the group for play.