Philosophy Kids

At Kamo Childcare our philosophy is that every child is unique and therefore requires acceptance, nurturing and respect in order to develop to their full potential.
As Educators we are inherently aware of the individual characteristics and developmental stages of young children, and accordingly, we adapt our teaching pedagogy’s in order to be responsive to the distinctive developmental needs of the age group.

The teaching team believe strongly in the importance of Nga Hononga / Relationships.
Building strong, collaborative, friendly and respectful relationships with each other and,with our centre tamariki and whanau.
An important part of our philosophical approach is that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The teaching team are but one part of a child’s world, therefore we view our relationships with all as of equal importance.
Nga Hononga / Relationships among teachers and children have firm but fair and consistent boundaries that provide a safe and nurturing social environment.
Teachers will ensure children know they are there if help or encouragement is required. Teachers support, respect and work collectively to ensure the best outcomes for children.

Children are provided with multiple choices of resources and activities appropriate to their developmental abilities and interests.
We value children’s curiosity and provide an environment for children to be creative and active learners implementing the environment as a third teacher.
Teachers plan some activities and experiences to support children to learn and develop new skills, as well as practicing their existing skills.
Children are supported in their risk taking, challenging and problem-solving experiences to develop awareness that taking risks and making mistakes are critical aspects of being effective learners.
The concept of self- discipline is introduced, and children are encouraged to respect each other and the centres property.

We are committed to being bi-cultural practitioners. We acknowledge and uphold Te Tiriti O Waitangi as Aotearoa/New Zealand’s founding document.
We ensure the use of te reo Maori me tikanga Maori into our centre practice.
We celebrate and affirm the diversity of our tamariki and whanau- valuing and respecting all regardless of ethnicity, cultural identity status.

We strive to be the best centre in Whangarei.