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Philosophy - Tots

At Kamo Childcare our philosophy is that every child is unique and therefore requires acceptance, nurturing and respect in order to develop to their full potential. As Educators we are inherently aware of the special characteristics of infants and toddlers, and accordingly, we adapt our teaching pedagogy’s in order to be responsive to the distinctive developmental needs of both age groups.


By nurturing a child’s self esteem and confidence using teaching techniques tailored to the needs of the individual child, we believe we can unlock a passion for life long learning. We understand that early childhood years are vital to developing a learning foundation that cements a strong sense of sense of self and to build resilience which assists children to become confident people.


We believe in the value of allowing children free choice in their activities, with minimal intervention. We also strive to ensure that any transition periods throughout the day are predictable, calm and carried out at the child’s pace. We believe that toddlers, in particular, learn with their whole body and they learn by ‘doing’ rather than being told, particularly with self-help skills such as hand washing and dressing themselves.


We believe that children model the behaviour of those around them – peers and adults. Therefore we all endeavour to be positive role models in our interactions with both children and colleagues alike.


We believe that we have just as much to learn from our children as they do from us – the concept of ‘Ako’. Every day we will be teachers and learners. Following on from this we believe that in order to be effective educators we must be committed to ongoing professional development, self-reflection and evaluation to ensure that the learning journey never stops.


We strive to build collaborative, friendly and respectful relationships with our centre families/whanau. An important part of our philosophical approach is that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. We are but one part of a child’s world, therefore we view our relationships with parents/whanau as being of equal importance as our relationships with our children. Because of the holistic nature in which children develop we understand the need to have all adult influences in a child’s life working with a common goal.


We are committed to being bi-cultural practitioners. We acknowledge and uphold the Treaty of Waitangi as Aotearoa/New Zealand’s founding document. We actively strive to use te reo Maori me tikanga Maori in our daily practice. We ensure that Aotearoa/New Zealand bicultural heritage is reflected in the centre environment.


We also celebrate and affirm the multicultural diversity of our children. All children have the right to have their language and culture visible in the learning environment.


We strive to be the best centre in Whangarei.

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